Imperium Logistics Overview – Divisions and Jobs

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Imperium Forum – The “Job Board”

Imperium offers many activities for it’s members, especially during primetime. Where other guilds seem to fail however is giving members a purpose outside of the sieges and major events. Another issue with many guilds resides in the needs of the members not being address for the many activities that need to be done. Not every trade run is a guild trade run, and not every armor piece needing crafted is something that is for a dedicated PvPer. Nontheless it needs to be done and Imperium answers this by a full-featured “job board”.

The Job Board allows members to not only post jobs for other members to accept, but also showcases and lists jobs that the guild needs as well. In Imperium there exists two main categories.

Member Jobs

Member jobs are those posted by members themselves for their own gain and benefit. These can include obtaining escorts for a trade run, crafting requests, and more. After posted, these are available on the main board for anyone to review and accept.

Example Member Jobs:

  • Crafting requests
  • PvP Escorting
  • Bounty Hunting
  • Scouting Reports
  • and more

Imperial Orders

Imperial Orders are created by the guild leadership themselves and usually involve working towards a specific goal, such as besieging a castle or working towards a war with another guild. Imperial Orders are different than Member Jobs in that they not only offer a monetary reward but a modest amount of guild “points” as well. Like with attending PvP events and PvE raids, these points are used in our gear/item distribution system (explained in another feature page).

Example Imperial Orders:

  • Scouting Orders
  • Squad Assignments
  • Bounty Kills on War Targets
  • “Salt” posts
  • Crafting Requests


More Soon

We will be adding more to this section as we develop and test out further systems. Stay tuned!


Logistics on a Grander Scale – Divisions

The Imperium Forum involves more than just single member requests and fulfillment. Imperium utilizes what we call a ‘division’ system that organizes the needs of the membership on another scale entirely.

Divisions are groups of up to 25 or more members that are organized well ahead of launch for logistics and efficiency in executing key guild objectives. Think ‘guild within a guild’. Not only are these groups given their own channels within Discord, but they have their own key positions that are delegated to cover the major features of the MMO. Multiple divisions combined form what is called a “cohort” or organization, and all cohorts together equal the guild roster as it is seen by the outside.

Members join divisions on their very first day of joining Imperium. These divisions are first automatically-selected based on the member interests but until launch we allow members to swap to any division they wish. Within each division they find a private channel, surrounded by like-minded crafters, pvpers, and more.

Divisions also integrate the lowest level of leadership, our ‘leads’ – who help manage members on a more personal level that often gets lost in other larger guilds.

Divisions have the following leads:

  • PvP/Readiness: In charge of making sure their division has PvP consumables, crafting supplies needed, and similar for sieges and world PvP.
  • PvE/Support: In charge of providing minimum gear standards and working with the Imperial Order Board to help develop the gear of the members in their division.
  • Economy: Organizes the local guild bank and coordinates investments with the Officer Core. Economy leads also assign and delegate “runner” Imperial Orders for the guild, especially in their local area.
  • Intel/Roster: These leads are in charge of resolving low-level drama, organizing the roster for the division, and similar tasks.



Divisions and the Job Board

At a glance you can see how Officers and Leads best utilize the Job Board to its full potential by having more intimate knowledge of gearing needs of their members within their own division. By escalating needs of the members to the Officer team, Imperial Orders can be created to more efficiently gear out and equip members of Imperium, while also rewarding those who accept the jobs and help out.