The Grand Tourney

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The Grand Tourney

The Grand Tourney is a bi-monthly tournament where the entire server may gather to discover who is truly the best. All guilds are welcome to bring their best fighters and enter to see who truly dominates the server.  Lots of people can talk tough, but talk is cheap here.  Actions only will determine who is the best.

The tournament is primarily held via the website in a double-elimination setting. Classes are paired together first in the first few rounds. After some rounds pass, members of a particular class will eventually end up facing off against those from other classes in the final rounds.

Fights will primarily be 1v1.  Excuses will fall on deaf ears as only might and power speak in the arena.  Bring your best and leave it all in the arena and see how you stack up against the competition.  One day you too might be considered the Champion of the Server!

There are 3 stages to the main games:

  • Challenges – Challenges are Imperium guild-only matches in where members challenge higher-ranked members in order to advance in PvP titles. It is the only way to “rank up” in the guild, so these are done often. these can be done ahead of time as well, outside of the main event.
  • Show Matches – Show matches can be one of two types of fights – either promotional challenges where a member is trying to advance into the next “category” of the PvP titles, or when members from other guilds are attending the tournament. In either case, these matches are highly hyped up and always the main focus of the tournament.
  • Double-Elimination Tournament – This is the standard format beyond the other matches. Most-often the tournament will be in progress and show matches will be sprinkled in-between the fights, bringing the audience together for the fight before continuing the tournament progression.


The Grand Tourney is not only a venue for epic battles, but also for people to bring their coin purses and bet on the outcomes of the fights.  Fortunes will be won and lost and people will leave with great stories of fantastic fights and perhaps the motivation to enter in the tournaments themselves. 

Up to a week before the tournaments, the brackets will be published alongside an open-betting spreadsheet. Everyone will be given the option of bidding on any of the matches, either between guilds or individual “show matches”.

Betting on matches in general is much like how betting on horse races in the real world. You can do your research, bet on the popular player for lesser returns, or bid on someone else for much higher winnings. A small cut is taken for the “house”, which is then paid out to the participants in the match themselves.

The tournaments can be a wealthy endeavor for both the gladiators and gamblers alike.

Outside the Arena

In addition to gambling, there will be an area set aside for vendors from all over the server to come and set up shop to advertise.  It will be a great opportunity for craftsmen and other professions to have their wares reach a wide audience and potential make a lot of money if their products are deemed worthy.

Other events such as races (on foot and mounted) are held before the main event as well.