Preface / Introduction

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Preface / Introduction

Gaming communities allow for large scale organization, and due to the size of the group of players working towards a collective effort, productivity may achieve levels unmatched by smaller guilds and clans. Within a group of players, each has particular roles satisfying a variety of demands in the given game. Creating a functional structure proves challenging for community organizers and developers alike, particularly regarding how to organize and manage the resources available in the game for a much larger audience.  Imperium was formed with the membership of both Legacy Gaming and Vornair communities and both have a similar outlook on how community members should conduct themselves both in and out of game.

Imperium has a strong vision for Ashes of Creation: to provide the best environment to discuss and implement strategies within AoC as well as to be competitive in all aspects of the game.

This charter provides the primary documentation for structure, policy, and procedures for Imperium in Ashes of Creation, and the events they participate in. Our goal is to make the philosophies that form the basis of this community fairly simple to understand, and more importantly, to implement.

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