“Per Diem” Holdings – Imperium Market Management

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“Per Diem” Holdings – Imperium Market Management

Imperium offers many amenities and tools to provide our membership with what they need to flourish and develop wealth in Ashes of Creation. From spreadsheets that track prices to extensive logistics systems that build out our infrastructure within the guild, we offer resources no other guild can provide.

In this page we offer a glimpse into the “Imperial Market”, what it consists of, and how to make the most profit off trading with Imperium, both internally and externally.

Imperial Market Dossier

At the heart of many logistical systems within Imperium and the server lies the “Hot Sheet” or more officially-called – the “Market Dossier”. This document is a daily snapshot of prices regionally obtained from all corners of the world. The spreadsheet itself is released to the public once daily, providing a day’s snapshot into who is selling what, where are they selling it, and associated trends related to those products.

This spreadsheet is updated by “runner” work orders, which are fulfilled by guild members as a way of earning EP in Imperium. This is covered in detail in another segment on this website.

Below are example pillars of our Imperial Market system – or as we call it in RP-world – “Per Diem Holdings”. The land of the rich and those wealthiest in MMOs will utilize some if not all of these example sheets below and more.


Imperial Market Report (Daily)

On the front end of the system you have the “summary” page. This is the easiest page to refer to as it contains the most basic information needed to day-traders and even opportunistic traders. A snapshot is taken of this sheet daily and sent out to Imperium members showing trends, prices, locations and more. On this sheet you will find the following examples:

  • Filters: Users can filter out specific markets on left side, including factions, locations, item categories, and numerical filters.
  • Summary Item Result: Item in its finished state, whether as a reagent or product.
  • AH Raw Cost: The current snapshot of the AH pricing. This is recorded in daily format for our sales report.
  • Location Data: Shows current locations in grid format. User can enter current location and get global adjustment on prices based on distance, where distance = time = currency increase.
  • Category: Category of the item as its found in database tables, such as “ore”, “mount gear” etc.
  • Item 1, 2, 3, etc.: These are the components/reagents of the Summary Item. These fields use scripts to give a colorized view of whether the item is cheaper bought straight from localized markets or crafted cheaper.
  • Investment: A detailed output provided from original AH pricing vs time spent on manufacturing.
  • Zero Sum: The required AH list price to meet cost + AH fees as applicable. This also includes time for travel, where travel = grind time = gold per minute.
  • Other min-maxing details : The summary sheet goes on for many other variables, many of which are specific to certain criteria, such as crafting success chances, player skill level, and more.

Imperial “Portfolio” Sheet

The portfolio sheet is the bread and butter of what Imperium members use to synchronize with the global market. As members buy product to store in their warehouses/banks, they add the product to their unique portfolio spreadsheet that allows them to sync with our global market database, tracking the value of their assets over time.

As an example, if a player were to purchase 1000 units of iron ore, they would first select “iron ore” from the dropdown on the left, which brings a call from our main spreadsheet. They can select anything our main market sheet stores data for, but in this case it’s iron. Once they select iron they choose how many units they have purchased, and for what price. The sheet then automatically links with the global market sheet to show trends in value, even as far as notifying the user that their investment has doubled in value – as an example. Users can add an unlimited range of items and track them without issue.

Other example features include:

  • Showing alerts when product is low/high in volume.
  • Alerting member when product is sold out completely in markets.
  • Showing synchronization with Imperium Work Orders (see associated page)
  • Showing Imperial market buy/sell requests for your listed items.
  • Allowing filters for distance in relation to your stock locations.
  • Return rates, forcasted return rates, and existing sales data.
  • Much more, especially with crafting possibilities.


Global Guild Stock Sheet

The Global Stock Sheet (or GSS) is the heart of our crafters and guilds of crafters within Imperium and our network. Utilizing the portfolio sheets we retain a database of all of the assets of the guild across the board, giving Imperium a massive logistical advantage above and beyond other groups. As an individual crafter, there is little need to have to go to a marketplace to purchase your needed materials from a random player. Instead in Imperium you can check to see quickly who has what on the fly, and most likely receive a more fair price directly from a friend.

The GSS allows hardcore crafters to setup internal markets within the global market with contracts and long-term deals they can make with parties they know have their given materials. The sky is the limit for those who utilize the information to the fullest.

Quick-Flip Snapshot

For many of our meetings and events, we remind our members to at the very least make sure they are constantly flipping their liquid currency into assets that can build over a short period of time while they are offline. As we have found over the many years is that many players do not have the know-how or patience to dig into a highly detailed spreadsheet like the “dossier” above. This “Quick-Flip” sheet is the answer to helping them out. It provides an easy-to-read sheet that visually tells the member exactly what price minimum they should purchase assets and at what price they should sell for expected results. It allows even the most casual player a shot at economic wealth in MMOs so while they are logged off their money works for them.

This of course links in with our more detailed sheets providing daily on-the-fly updates, with zero input from the user.


Imperium offers many tools and spreadsheets to our members, but this only barely scrapes the surface of what our individual players come up with themselves. Each and every MMO we develop new scripts and tools that allow us to take it one step further.

All of this data syncs in and is provided by our “Imperial Work Board”. We go into detail of this system in the next section, including how you get involved as an Imperium member, and even how it syncs with the markets of other guilds and their members.