Imperium Member Rights

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Imperium Member Rights

The following are the rights (and discussion of those rights) ensured for all Imperium members, as enforced by the Imperium Officers at large, as well as the Leadership.

1. The right to be part of a community with mutual respect as its guiding principle.

Imperium members will be held to a personal standard usually lacking in gaming organizations. They will be respectable members of their gaming servers, and in public forums they choose to visit.

Members are to address each other with respect, even in less pleasant situations. Constructive criticism, whether on the forums or in-game, is the only acceptable form of negative public interaction. Raging at fellow members publically is, regardless of venue, unacceptable.


2. The right to be a part of a community free of drama.

Imperium, via the forums, Discord, live-streaming, and in-game has a no-drama policy. Imperium Officers have the final say on what is deemed appropriate or inappropriate to protect the image of Imperium, and prevent community drama at large.

The following are all examples of instigating or inciting drama and are not allowed on our community or in our Discord or by our guild members in game:

  • Personal (ad hominem) attacks.
  • Discussions including religious or political topics.
  • Discussions and or words that could be construed as racist or sexist in nature, to include comments with regard to sexual orientation.
  • Blatantly lewd or pornographic links or language.

Bigotry Examples and Association

We do not tolerate racism, promotion of rape culture, sexism, or bigotry of any kind. This rule is enforced in all Imperium-related groups and services, and extends for our members to any gaming venue, stream, forum, or location where you could possibly be linked to your identity as known in the guild. It doesn’t matter if you’re not on a website; if it’s identifiable as you, this is grounds for potential removal. Not having a “Imperium logo” is not an excuse, and any discovery of  members publicly acting in these ways (regardless of where) will result in disciplinary action. Our members will respect women, minorities, and most importantly, their fellow members, many of whom fall into the innumerable categories this rule protects.

If you participate in this behaviour, even if you are not the instigator, you will be removed. If you are present but not involved, attempt to correct individuals who act this way, report those being offensive to an officer, and/or simply get away from it. Tolerating these actions makes you a part of the problem.

3. The right to a community where members have a voice without fear of reprisal.

Our Council and GM’s work together to openly integrate member suggestions. While there will always be circumstances sensitive enough to warrant work behind closed doors, there should also never be an instance where members feel they cannot speak up for fear of punishment.

There is a time and place for everything. Bringing up an idea is not necessarily something that should be done in the middle of an event (e.g. during the intense parts of a keep siege), but within reason, members should be free to say what they think, and push for changes to existing procedure.

Not all ideas will be used. When a member has an idea, it may work in theory, but in practice it may not function for 100+ people. Do not take it personally if an idea is not used.

To be clear, Leadership (GMs, Council, and Officers) should always be treated with respect. There is a chain of command in order to keep the community functioning and cohesive, this is not a point of negotiation.