Guild Processes: Violations and Action

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Charter Violations and Disciplinary Action


Suggestions for council/officers including those to the GM should be handled through our #suggestions channel in Discord whenever possible. This ensures that proper notice of the idea/issue is taken, and that a response is issued in a timely manner. We will create Trello Cards for all suggestions to be discussed in the weekly Senate meetings.  In this way we ensure that our members voices are heard and valued.


We expect responsible, adult behaviour from our members when conflicts arise. Resolution Officers are available to act as mediators between community members in particularly unpleasant situations. Whether a conflict is personal or game-related, members are expected to speak with each other first, and attempt to resolve problems (short of charter violations) independent of leadership involvement. In any event in which a Imperium member feels they cannot handle the matter personally, there are Officers available that are always open to handling the issue.

Addressing a charter violation

Members or leadership are to be gently but firmly reminded of our charter, and our zero-drama policy. Officers, Council Members, and GMs are expected to uphold Imperium policies at all times. Violations of these policies by an Officer, Council Member, or GM should be referred to GMs. GM violations should be referred immediately to other GMs!

The Drama Forum

The Imperium Leadership are to track all instances of member drama. This information is to be stored privately, and securely.  Three standard instances of drama in a member’s file within the drama spreadsheet will be considered grounds for removal by the Staff, following an internal discussion with the Senate.


Members slated for removal are to be politely addressed, with a brief reason given via private message and/or email. All permissions are to be removed from this member on internal documents, the forums, and Teamspeak. A ban of 48-72 hours is to be placed on the members accounts as a cool down period, if they are being removed for drama.


Due to the nature of more extreme charter violations, and our enforced no-drama policy, disciplinary action will often occur before members are given a full explanation. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Moderation and deletion of forum posts.
  • Suspension or permanent banning of individuals from the forums and/or Teamspeak server.
  • Suspension or removal of guild membership.

If a member is not given advance notice of punishment, they must be given an explanation in the immediate aftermath. In all circumstances, GMs have the final say on any disciplinary action taken.

Removal of Leadership


Officers may be removed due to failure to complete their assigned duties, actions contrary to the Imperium charter, and/or damage to Imperiums image. Demotion is handled by the GM(Internal Drama) within the game’s chain of command.


All Council members are expected to visibly participate in the administration of the Imperium community at large.

In the event of gross negligence, pronounced inactivity, damage to Imperiums image, and/or actions which suggest the Council member is acting in a way contrary to Imperiums charter, GMs may remove or demote the individual. Please contact multiple GMs if a council member appears to be violating our charter, using an Imperium service for personal gain (corruption), or is frequently AWOL.  

Council positions are not permanent and will be demoted into officer status or general member status upon completion of their tenure on the council.


GMs are the Supreme Court Justices of Imperium. Imperiums founder, Freelancer, is simply one of the GM’s, and does not represent the whole of GM decision making. GM positions are, effectively, lifetime appointments.

GMs may choose to step down and may be removed in extreme circumstances by a majority vote of other GMs, in tandem with discussion to include the Council. Please contact multiple members of leadership if any GM appears to be violating our charter, using an Imperium service for personal gain (corruption), or is unresponsive to concerns relayed via proper channels.