Guild Processes: Recruitment Guidelines

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Recruitment Guidelines

Member Status: Applicant – Recruit – Core

Applicant -> Recruit:

This should be a fairly easy step. As long as someone doesn’t run up any red flags the default should be accept. We will be casting a wide net here, and we will be more selective at the next step. Recruiting Officers are all responsible for reading and approving/denying applicants according to the guidelines below. Once GMs approve the applications for each individual., the applicant will be processed.

  • A sparse app should not be the only reason to decline someone. Many guilds do not look for lengthy responses. If an app seems too light on information, ask the applicant to elaborate or ask follow up questions. If the applicant still refuses to put effort into their app, then it is to be considered a red flag.
  • If an application has no red flags and is a likely accept, the time limit rule of thumb for processing to recruit is within 72 hours.
  • If it is questionable whether an application will be accepted (red flags, etc.), this stage can be extended to ensure individuals aren’t unnecessarily declined. Quick to accept, slow to decline is the mantra.

Recruit -> Core:

This is known as the probationary period. Typically this would last 3 weeks, followed by a recruitment officer making a decision about a given recruit. During the final evaluation, the recruits division leader will be the primary consultant for the recruitment officer(s). If no recruitment officer feels they have had sufficient time to evaluate a recruit, they will seek opinions from other officers/members. In this phase we will use the extra experience with the recruit to be more.


Simple questions as part of a checklist of what to look for:

  • Do they present themselves well?
  • Are they serious about being here—not just in Discord but on the Forums?
  • Would you trust them to make you better and Imperium better in the game chapter they signed up for?
  • Would you enjoy gaming with them?
  • Positive Attributes of an Application/Recruit
  • Well spoken/Correct Spelling/Grammar (Indicates effort)
  • Can articulate ideas/explanations/answers in a concise and comfortable manner.
  • Express the guild’s attitude
  • Desire to theorycraft and better ones-self
  • Motivated to be at the top of their game
  • Looking to better others around them
  • Exceptional game-play
  • Humility in defeat (willing to accept fault/correction/criticism)
  • Magnanimous in victory (doesn’t trash talk losing team)
  • Claims of past guild involvement that can be verified (simple google search)
  • Signs of effort put into application/recruit period:
  • Long, elaborate answers to questions on the application
  • Willingness to follow up with/met with recruiters
  • Once a recruit, willingness to get involved with Imperium (posting of forums, gaming in Discord, etc.)
  • Attends meetings (or at least provides indication that they can’t make it)

Negative Attributes of an Application (Red Flags)

  • Vague references at being at the top
  • Unsubstantiated claims (Past affiliations with prominent guilds which cannot be verified)
  • Violating NDAs from testing.
  • Simple, one-sentence answers without expanding fully.
  • Talking poorly of or disparaging others to make one look good; old guild, other people.
  • Poor spelling/grammar (lack of effort)
  • Indication that they do not share the guild attitude
  • Putting down others (elitism)
  • Lacking motivation to become the best they can be
  • Blaming other entities for their own failures (teammates, game balance, etc.)
  • Continual poor play

In-game Recruitment

Members needing invites in-game must be on Discord to confirm their identity. Inviting a random person in-game without prior authorization or confirmation compromises the security of Imperium and is considered a major offense. Invite privileges are often given to all ranks within Imperium during the launch period of a game for efficiency, but later reserved for Officers only.