Expectations: Events / Raiding

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Expectations: Events / Raiding

PvE raiding will be supported if provided by the game. There will be events where everyone will attend PvE content, including instances and events that would otherwise be unattainable without guild member support. Like our PvP events, they are held to attendance standards if they are declared required.

Our focus in the community is progression, and ranking. Members will fully support PvE in efforts to complete and obtain PvP objectives. If the materials to make the best weapons in the game are only found within PvE dungeons, we will support those who are learning the content so that the rest of us can benefit from those weapons.

Imperium Event Guidelines

This section is to give an idea of what the structure of Imperium raids will be like and what is expected of our raiders, how they conduct themselves, and our overall methodology for progression.  Imperium will have two raiding teams officially sanctioned by the Guild.  The A and B raiding teams will be compensated for their time in exchange for the materials they will be farming for the guild.  These groups will be selective and competitive but will have spots available for “floaters” to be able to allow members to prove themselves capable of participating in top tier content.

Those wishing to raid outside of our A and B teams or who don’t make the cut are allowed to put together their own groups to complete the raiding content.  The A and B teams exist to farm materials for the guild, members of those raid groups will be compensated for their time.

Raid Member Orientation for EVERYONE.

  • If you are wanting to start raiding, please speak with the PvE Officer as he/she will be directing new raid members where to go.
  • Raids will be scheduled via the calendar, in order for everyone on the raiding teams to have the opportunity to participate and in these events
  • Raid events are subject to change, as sometimes world bosses spawn at different times, as well as other time-sensitive mechanics in the game.

First thing to consider when raiding, is: “Am I coming prepared?”

  • “Have I read the materials?”
    • Imperiums “intel” team has taken the time to devise very descriptive examples of the encounters and strategy they will be taking on the boss fights. Please be familiar with them prior to the raid start time
    • Raids last a few hours, with only a couple of breaks. Do I have beverages and snacks?
  • Now that you know what you are facing, Is your character ready?
    • Have your armor repaired. Have your gear fully modified and enhanced. Have multiple stacks of consumables in inventory.

I am in the raid! Now how do I conduct myself?

  • Be punctual, if the raid starts at 9pm we expect the entire raid to be formed and about to pull the first mobs at 9:05 pm. Invites will be sent out 20 min ahead of time, if slots still remain at 10 minutes to go, slots will be given away to people waiting in reserve.
  • Frustration – people will make mistakes, things will happen in raids that make you want to rage. The important thing to keep in mind is that we all will do this.
  • Belittling people is not tolerated
  • Suggestions – During the raid if the execution of a strategy failed and you have a suggestion that the Raid Leader or Raid Lead Assistants aren’t covering, then send a private message to the designated Assistants or bring it up to the Raid Lead or Raid Assistants after the raid is over.
  • Mute your Mic – only the raid leader and assistant leads should have their mic on during fights
  • You’re allowed to speak freely between fights, or when given permission.
  • If you need to go AFK, then communicate with the designated Assistant Lead.

What should I already know about raiding?

  • DO NOT pull the boss. The tank and/or individual leading the event will call the pull.
  • DO NOT use any “knockbacks” or “fears” or possible dispersion abilities in raid unless they are specifically called for. If you question it, consult your leads
  • Imperium uses a modified DKP system for distribution of items when applicable.
  • If you have to go AFK due to some unforeseen event, inform and communicate with your lead immediately.

Expectations: PvP

Imperium is a competitive PvP guild. All members must accept and understand that PvP combat is the main focus for the majority of the guild, especially combat involving large numbers of players. A smaller more organized group, but by no means any less important, will be solely focused on eSports teams, which involves a different focus for players. There are also scenarios in certain games that will require “elite” teams of even more hardcore members. The point here is that we have a wide range of PvP applications, fulfilling much needed roles.

This is a constructed overview of the expectations/requirements for those interested in participating in a competitive level of PvP with Imperium. These are intended to be used as a guide for members to help judge themselves, not to be used as a checklist that guarantees review or admission to Hardcore PvP.

Core Values:

Attitude is your personal ability to communicate and control your emotions. The attitude of just one person can break down the morale of the whole team, which is why we are looking for people who are optimistic and personable.

Time management is another critical part being a core player; there is a time and place for everything, and being able to sit down and get what needs to be done, done, is a major boon to the group as a whole.

Fundamentals: inside of any game, roles develop, and at the core of any player they must be able to recognize these roles and understand how they fit into them, not just as a player, but also as a part of the team.

Adaptability: as the game play moves on, situations change. This is true of any game, and being able to alter your play style to accommodate changes is key to being successful. Staying current with all aspects of the game is key.

This Knowledge will keep your techniques current with established meta and mechanics, and filters down to many other aspects of your game play.

Imperium will be forming a very concise and standardized vocabulary to be used during combat. We do this because Communication is undeniably the deciding factor in many battles. Just remember that it is a two way street.

Camaraderie builds teams. Our goal will be to win, but it will be camaraderie that pulls us through our losses.

Resilience is the individual side of camaraderie and refers to the ability to push past losses and go further; this attribute will benefit your gaming on a personal level but will also benefit Imperium.

Reliability is simple to show but easy to ruin; display the lack of ability to show up when you say you will and you will quickly bottom list yourself.

Assuming you have mastered all of those, the second set of attributes that the PvP Officers will be looking at are your Knowledge of classes, teammates, and enemies, as well as a total mastery of the fundamentals. We believe that this knowledge is an incredibly powerful advantage, and we enforce that belief in Hardcore PvP.  Game Mechanics refers to using each and every in-game element to your own advantage. Knowledge informs you that your opponent’s skill triggers a 2 second cooldown, but your comprehension of the game mechanics will be what allows you to exploit that knowledge.

This all hinges on Reaction Time: it does you no good to see the the solution and not be able to execute it.

Finally; by having a deep understanding of the how the game is played, what your teammates will do to help you, what in game events will hinder or help your enemies, and to be able to make the required actions, we rely on your Situational Awareness.

Know thy self, know thy enemy. A thousand battles, a thousand victories.

Our defined differences between Casual, Semi-HC and Hardcore

The following section reflects more details and specifications regarding the organization in Imperium in regards to tiers:

The purpose of this section is to define what separates Casual, Semi-HC, and Hardcore players desiring to play in the guild, and how we separate “Hardcore,” “Semi-hardcore,” and “Casual.”


Casual Requirements and Expectations:

  • Any Imperium Core member
  • No expectations except to have fun.


Semi-HC Requirements and Expectations:

  • Must be able to run AoC reliably
    • From both your computer and internet
    • Consistent complaining of PC lag or internet lag holds the possibility of demotion to Casual
  • Must be able to commit to scheduled PvP events
    • If you are unable to make it you need to inform the Squad Leads/PvP Officers
    • This allows your slot to be freed up for another member without delay


Hardcore Requirements

  • Hardcore PvP members must be proficient with current strategies
    • These strategies are discussed in meetings pre/post-launch. You attend these meetings and/or are accountable for the information from those meetings.
  • Must be able to run Ashes of Creation reliably
    • From both your computer and internet
    • Consistent complaining of PC lag or internet lag holds the possibility of demotion to T2
  • Need to manage constant buff rotation
  • Must power-level at launch..
  • Must be able to commit to scheduled PvP events
    • At least 3 events a week or 6 days over 2 weeks
    • If you are unable to make it you need to inform the Squad Leads/PvP Officers
    • If you fail to perform then your spot will be freed for another member.
  • Every month Hardcore must retest their skills
    • This requires attendance in weekly PvP Tournaments.

Notes: The GMs and Council reserve the right to remove or promote members between tiers for reasons outside of official channels (gear/skill). Your compliance with our SOP is also kept in check, we do not tolerate drama.

The Academy

The Academy

The Academy:

  • Anyone has the ability to sign up for training should they feel the desire to improve.
  • The Academy’s primary purpose is to make sure each one of us is doing everything we can to perform at the best of our ability.
  • The Academy is run by a select number of PvP/PvE/Economic personnel.


Attendance policy:

  • Raids are dictated ahead of time using a calendar. In this calendar, a weekly schedule of raids will be assigned by the GMs/PvP Officers at least one week in advance.
  • If you cannot attend a raid (whether it be PvE or PvP) you must inform your Squad Lead/PvP Officer

Expectations: Social Events

There will be instances in which players will be asked to attend a role-play-type event or social gathering. We call these “show of force” events. While most of these events will not be serious in nature, they are required by all members.. An example would be an event where the guild meets in a local tavern to cheer on one of our arena teams as they fight their matches. Another would be an official march to a PvP destination. Expect social events like these, as they not only provide interaction with members of the guild you might not otherwise meet, but also shows guild presence on the server.


  • All members are expected to be in Discord when in game.
  • All members are expected to have voice communication available (hearing only is acceptable) to them.
  • All members will follow the charter and respect decorum when on the Discord server.
  • Push to talk is to be used in public and gaming areas of Discord. No exceptions.
  • During meetings, please try your best to be courteous to those speaking.

In random groups, agree to a leader of the group and follow their direction. Ask who in the party has the most experience with the guild if the issue of deciding on a leader arises. If no one in the current group has any experience, he/she whom has the highest rank will take it first if not agreed otherwise.

Expectations: Teamspeak/Discord usage

All member groups and ranks are required to stay “in the know” for dealings within the community. Members need to visit Discord at least once per week to assure that they are not left out on important announcements and voting procedures. We do not require forum posting.

In the event that discord voice usage isn’t appropriate or goes down, we will require members to have TeamSpeak installed as a backup.  We don’t want to be in the middle of a Castle Siege, lose our voice comms, and then find out that our members don’t have TS installed as a backup.