Tales of Creation #2 Online!

Tales of Creation Episode 2 has gone live!

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Show Notes


Date: 6/4/17

Hosts: Bridger, Freelancer, Morbis, Adam



    • Welcome One, Welcome All…
    • …Presented by Imperium and Vornair
    • Glad you got ahold of the program…
    • We’ve got a great show for you today…
    • I am Bridger, and joining me this week are…
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  • Compared to others you’ve participated in, was this Kickstarter run well?  Why or why not?
  • Are the Stretch Goals reasonable and realistic?
  • What about the insanely high value pledges?  
    • Who are the 70 crazy people who paid $2500 or more for cosmetics? (Oops, one was us…)
  • During the Q&A on May 10th, the Devs seemed to imply that they had no issues with people running multi-box/Multi-Account setups.  
    • Should this kind of thing be banned in Ashes?
  • We have had some new information about Monster Coins from the Q&As, along with a video.
    • Has this been done before?
    • How do you prevent this system from being abused?

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We hope you enjoyed the show as much as we did making it!

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