Absence and Military Policy

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Absence and Military Policy

Imperium has a straightforward policy on all attendance-related scenarios: Real-Life comes first always, just let us know. This means whatever the event, it is not really our business to know what you are up to, or why you cannot show for the event. We never ask for reasons, but giving us a heads up is important.

Often times during raiding schedules or organized guild events we plan ahead specifically to a certain number of players. Sometimes we even plan specifically to a certain archetype of player, such as healers. We love logisitcs, so having a pre-determined roster is critical in how we’ve achieved success in the past. This is why its important for us to know if a healer or main DPS will be lost, so that we may adjust accordingly if needed.

In other more important scenarios such as being a part of a raid team, it is even more important. Many times in these groups losing a healer or tank for example can be devastating if they are not replaced in time for the raid. Properly notifying the guild and groups you run with that you will not be present during a major event is mandatory because of these reasons.

Letting us know when you are going to be absent

All chapters including Imperium offer a simple Google Form that is called the “Absentee Form” that can found in Discord, usually in the information or reference channel. If you cannot find this, simply message any officer.

This form asks you for your name, date you will be gone, and when you plan to be active again. It has a field for a reason, but you will notice it is not required to submit the form.

All forms will be accepted when sent before an event. We have never in the history of our entire gaming community denied a form submitted. On top of being accepted, submitting an absentee form also counts you as “present” for the raid or event, which comes with tangible benefits. If the event awarded all participants a sum of gold for example, you would be counted as being there. Many times events offer “Effort Points” or similar and you would receive those as well.

The summary of this is that you should always show up for an event if possible, especially one that you specifically signed up for. We will not hunt you down if you are absent, we will simply check the Absentee forms and see if you submitted one. If you did – easy – you are marked as there and we will make adjustments. Just like your job or school, you have your own reasons for calling in, and they’re really nobody’s business – just give the respect of letting us know.

Special Notes/Summary:

  • Forms are found in Discord
  • You must give at least a 1 hour heads up before the event. We will not accept forms submitted during or after.
  • All forms are accepted and processed. We then mark you present for the event.
  • Within reason unless you are gone for weeks at a time, we do not ask questions.

Required Events We Track and Examples

Absentee Forms are typically used for special events, let it be world bosses, guild raids, trade runs and more. Generally these are announced many days or weeks ahead of time. Sometimes the events are on a weekly calendar so you always know they are there.

The following are some examples but do not cover all circumstances:

  • Official PvE Guild Raids you signed up for
  • Major Meetings (monthly meetings)
  • World Boss Farming Events
  • GvG events scheduled ahead of time
  • SoF (show of force) guild events
  • Sieges
  • Guild Trade Runs
  • and more

 What happens if I don’t let anyone know and don’t show?

In Imperium (as stated on other pages on this site) we hold members to two distinct progression ranks for PvP and PvE. As a member of Imperium you will have both of these ranks designating to the guild how far progressed you are in both areas. Certain milestones of these ranks have a minimum attendance standard, such as attending 3 events per week, or more. If you do not meet the minimum milestone, you will be bumped down to the rank underneath that.

We do not kick for inactivity in Imperium, instead opting to greatly reward dedicated players instead. Remember that “dedicated” can mean attending 2 events a week, and submitting a form for the 3rd.

It should be noted that in our highest level of raiding and siege teams, even missing just a few events might remove you from the position. As you understand, in these scenarios consistency in attendance is more important. This only affects a small number of the guild however, as many will not choose to participate in such a hardcore environment.


Legacy’s Community Policy on Military Leave

Imperium runs independent of the Legacy Gaming Community, but still adopts most of its working policies and procedures from the years. One of these policies that applies to this page is the “Military Leave” policy, or as it’s known “No Vet Left Behind”.

It works very simply. If you or someone you know in the guild is about to be deployed or otherwise taken away from gaming for an extended period of time due to requirements of the military, they are given complete assurance that they will have a spot in the roster when they get back. Not only this, but we have historically equipped returning players with competitive-level gear to be able to immediately participate in end-game PvP and PvE without having to play “catch up” for months. We do this as our small part in return for the service those gamers have provided our country.

Quick Notes:

  • When notifying us on deployment, give as little information as possible. This is important for your security. If we need validating information we will notify you privately as well.
  • Do not discuss your deployment with the guild in public if you can help it.
  • Be confident in knowing you’re not only coming back to your guild, but that you will be taken care of in-game – with gear, currency to get you started, and more.
  • Many of our leadership are vets, and this program was established by them two years ago. It is not a promise, its our policy.


One of the perks of being a larger community and guild is that we can fill in empty spots quickly. This means when it comes to the bigger picture we are more relaxed when it comes to major guild events. We only ask one thing, let us know if you can. If something crazy comes up and you weren’t able to, just talk to an officer. This policy is not black and white and we’re all human.

We have historically always had one hell of a presence in world events, bosses, and similar. Thank you for helping us continue that.