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Devoted Atmosphere

Welcome to the most active Ashes of Creation guild around. We span hundreds of members actively discussing all aspects of the game every single moment.

Dedicated PvP, Economy, and PvE Groups

Members in our guild are not just random pvpers or crafters. We have organized teams covering PvP, PvE, and Crafting. Joining this larger guild also means you  join a smaller coordinated group.

Projects and More

Nobody is as involved with the community as we are. Across wikis, podcasts, and more – we provide both our own members and the community at-large with content weekly.

Guild At a Glance

“It is easier to find men who will volunteer to die, than to find those who are willing to endure pain with patience.” – Julius Caesar


Members of the PvP Legion

Our entire roster are PvPers-first, meaning even our crafters must defend their wares when the time calls. We also host a dedicated group of PvPers that choose to simply PvP 24/7.


Members of the PvE Raid Teams

We run two main teams, A and B simply. Our A team consists of our 5-7 day a week progression raid. Our B team is more relaxed, running 1-3 nights a week.


Organized Logistics Members

Our third core part of the guild is also the most important, covering our logistics. We utilize spreadsheets and the scripts within to maximize the efficiency of gearing out our many members.

Guild PvP Features


Squads are the “guilds within the guild” of Imperium. Squads can have members from all guilds alike. They are given their own voice channels, ranks, icons, and more. Being that Imperium as a whole is a very large guild, squads give players the option of being able to hide out and  hang with friends, without feeling forced to be a part of the zerg in a single channel. We encourage small-group play with squads, and go even further to encourage squads to specialize in unique tactics and more.

Callers and Respect

Our guild is led by a myriad of highly-known and respected callers. Simply put – they speak the language needed to get the job done. We cut no corners when it comes to more serious contested content, and consider it a duty to serve our members with a no-nonsense approach. Spend a half-hour with any of our commanders and you will quickly see why our roster remains static and hyped for the next confrontation.

Siege Specialists

Through every game we have played, our biggest strengths have always been on display with macro-managed combat. Our members include some of the most strategic minds around, and in every MMO we’ve encountered we have been on the cutting edge of siege strategies. Due to the way our attendance and reward systems work, we are able to have consistently the largest showing of a roster than most any other guild on our servers.

Arena Focus

Our guilds have historically had a lot of pride in our arena rankings and individual player ability. While we believe in force of numbers as a utility as well, we have yet to meet guilds who excel in small scale combat at the level we do, whether it be 5v5, 10v10 or more. We run monthly tournaments at minimum for our members, requiring each to attend and rank themselves among others in the guild. We do this not only for general rank placement, but to establish respect towards those in the guild who deserve it.

Detailed Comps and Training

We run specific builds and require members to have particular sets of gear and skills for varied events. While we remember to have fun, we do not accept lack of coordination and execution as an excuse for failure. All members train consistently in their specs with class leads overlooking progress. Even as a newer player, consistent progress and attendance ensures a spot in the roster. We tolerate little ignorance to situation awareness and expect common sense.

PvP and Ranks

The ranks of the members are determined strictly by their capability in PvP, over anything else. As you advance in arenas and open world PvP you are given options to test yourself against higher ranks, and in turn, earn more prestigious titles. For most, we simiply judge ranks through a “challenge” and “tournament” setup, where simply challenging and beating a higher-ranked player of your class earns you the right to take their rank, bumping them down to where you were.

Guild PvE Features

Integrated PvE Profiles

We offer integrations custom coded by our own members that allow us to sync spreadsheets with our Teamspeak and Discord chats seamlessly. For example you can type “/profile” and pull up a detailed profile of your stats anytime. If you missed last night’s run, he can type “/lastnight” and see who was there, what dropped, and far more. We have these commands integrated into a myriad of spreadsheets – the ultimate syncing of Teamspeak, Discord, and Google Docs.

Static Scheduled Raids

Our raiding and dungeon teams fall into “A” and “B” teams. “A team” is our primary hardcore-driven progression group. In raids, they are funneled resources and respect to get the job done, both to benefit the guild in reputation and possible needed gear. Our “B” team consists of individuals who are a bit more relaxed and wish to see content and enjoy the game. Dungeon groups are also formed with similar structure.

Dedicated Crafting Networks

Our guild features extremely in-depth spreadsheets covering crafting, the markets, and more. We have “groups” on Discord who focus on various crafts, and even offer an internal auction house system for member-to-member bulk trades. You can capitalize on the economy by putting in “buy/sell orders” to maximize profits and efficiency. We treat dedicated crafters with the highest respect and give economists the tools they need.

Attendance Tracking

We run events daily, tracked by a calendar that allows you to plan ahead and RSVP when necessary. This is integrated into Google for us, allowing you to sync the events to your smartphone easily, and alert you when it is time. Events are separated into minor/major events, which determines whether attendance is required or just recommended. Accountability is key to performance in our raiding structure. All of this is fully-integrated into Discord for even further tracking, especially for those without a smartphone.

DKP and Loot

Being simply in Discord at the start of an event will count as contribution towards the event. Being there as well during the completion of an event will also net a certain (greater) about of contribution. Contribution is tracked via DKP using algorithms on a spreadsheet. We also track GPP (Gold per player) to track events that are involving generating gold for the guild. All of these numbers are in use for not determining loot, but eligibility to bid.

Loot Distribution

In short, when a weapon or armor piece drops, the DKP tables specific to the boss are pulled and the individuals present are sorted by top 5 or top 10, based on DKP. The top individuals are then given the ability to bid on the loot, with a starting value. The bidding is blind, and the winner is announced. The winning bidder forfeits a set amount of DKP and his winning bid. It’s all simple in practice – attend official events, get guaranteed loot/currency.


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