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Devoted Atmosphere

Welcome to the most active Ashes of Creation guild around. We span hundreds of members actively discussing all aspects of the game every single moment.

Dedicated PvP, Economy, and PvE Groups

Members in our guild are not just random pvpers or crafters. We have organized teams covering PvP, PvE, and Crafting. Joining this larger guild also means you  join a smaller coordinated group.

Projects and More

Nobody is as involved with the community as we are. Across wikis, podcasts, and more – we provide both our own members and the community at-large with content weekly.

Guild At a Glance


Members of the PvP Legion

Our entire roster are PvPers-first, meaning even our crafters must defend their wares when the time calls. We also host a dedicated group of PvPers that choose to simply PvP 24/7.


Members of the PvE Raid Teams

We run two main teams, A and B simply. Our A team consists of our 5-7 day a week progression raid. Our B team is more relaxed, running 1-3 nights a week.


Organized Logistics Members

Our third core part of the guild is also the most important, covering our logistics. We utilize spreadsheets and the scripts within to maximize the efficiency of gearing out our many members.

Guild Features

“It is easier to find men who will volunteer to die, than to find those who are willing to endure pain with patience.” – Julius Caesar

Grow as a Member with Us

PvP Progression – Trial by Combat

Our PvP ranking system is setup as a counter to the popular merit-based systems out there. In many guilds to advance through the ranks you have to either be actively social, know someone in leadership, or similar. In our system – even from day 1 – you know that when you are looking at a higher rank than yourself that member is legitimately a stronger player than you. If you disagree on that fact, you have the option to prove it, in front of the entire guild in a fun tournament. Progress is earned through fighting your way to the top, then continuing to fight to hold that position.

Members will often challenge others in “duels” where applicable. Ultimately if the higher ranked member wishes, they can refer them to their tier, effectively applying a promotion to the lower tiered member.

Learn more about PvP Progression

PvE Advancement

From the trial stage to the raiders, advancement simply involves being voted in unanimously after running multiple runs with them. Our raiders are considered to be an elite group on their own, and unlike the PvP Division, there exists but just 2 ranks – you are either “in” or you are not.

It is recommended that as a member of Imperium interested in raiding that you speak to and offer to join in on dungeon runs and raids with existing PvE Division members. After an undefined amount of time, they can vote you in to join them. If you are accepted into these runs, you need to give your very best first impression. We recommend the following:

  • Have all consumables ready. Not just potions, but buff food, scrolls, and similar. Have these on off-cooldown, even for trash mobs.
  • Arrive to the dungeon/raid you were invited to minutes early. Some of the most respected members of the Vigils are punctual and take the timing “runs” seriously.
  • Expect to run the same dungeon multiple times. Plan entire blocks of your time. Most dungeon runs/events are farming events, involving speed-running and efficient use of time.
  • Min-max everything. You only get one first impression.

Learn more about PvE Advancement

Crafter and Merchant Growth

Imperium offers many activities for it’s members, especially during primetime. Where other guilds seem to fail however is giving members a purpose outside of the sieges and major events. Another issue with many guilds resides in the needs of the members not being address for the many activities that need to be done. Not every trade run is a guild trade run, and not every armor piece needing crafted is something that is for a dedicated PvPer. Nontheless it needs to be done and Imperium answers this by a full-featured “job board”.

The Job Board allows members to not only post jobs for other members to accept, but also showcases and lists jobs that the guild needs as well. In Imperium there exists two main categories.

Logistics on a Grander Scale – Divisions

The Imperium Forum involves more than just single member requests and fulfillment. Imperium utilizes what we call a ‘division’ system that organizes the needs of the membership on another scale entirely.

Learn more about Growing as a Crafter Explore some of the tools we use to automate markets

Our Common Sense Principles

Our History Through MMO/Survival Games

2009 – 13

Established in early August 2010 Legacy Gaming launched and became active very quickly and started preparing for Guild Wars 2. During Guild Wars 2 through countless hours played, and a goal of being a top level guild we became one of the most known guilds in Guild Wars 2, especially in our “Structured PvP” arena teams, which aimed to compete in e-sports.

Some of our best memories was when the entire subreddit challenged our guild directly due to our notoriety. Good times.

Here are some links that bring back memories:

Tons more videos and raw footage on our youtube channel from the past decade.

2013 – 14

A departure from Guild Wars 2 meant the thirst for MMOs was high, and on the horizon a promising game called Wildstar arose. In proper fashion, Team Legacy got extremely involved with the development team, working behind the scenes on the competitive edge of the battlegrounds, raids, and more. Team Legacy took numerous NA firsts, from first “city raid/invasion” to NA first “warplot” wins, driving the competition until the unfortunate early death of the game.

It was in Wildstar the guild philosophy went from a smaller e-sports outfit to a full-blown community. Before Wildstar, Team Legacy had anywhere from 50-80 active core members, and before prepping for Archeage, had grown to over 600 between Archeage and Star Citizen chapters.

Some of our favorite memories were of course the city raids, and it was these raids and our dominance in battlegrounds where we started to develop quite the “fans” (aka trolls) who were on the receiving end of things. Here are some fun links:

2014 – 16

Team Legacy dominated our Archeage server, and through months of work eventually took hold of all four Auroria castles before Febuary 2015, being at the time the only guild to accomplish that task. We also acquired nearly all server-firsts for the bosses in the game, including NA first (post-beta) Kraken and Anthalon, being one of the only guilds killing those bosses around the clock that early. Until our departure, we continued to hold all 4 castles monthly, only losing them to “giving” them to allies and enemies alike in an effort to make the server more competitive as we moved on to Black Desert.

Archeage Fun Links:

Sample of images from our Archeage albums.
Full Archeage Album HERE

2016 – 17

During our end in Archeage, we started to prepare for Black Desert Online, and began playing the KR-OBT. A year later around that time NA Black Desert launched, and we quickly became known throughout the NA region as one, if not the most hardcore guild in NA, ranked #1 on the in-game boards across not only the “overall” category but almost every other category as well across all servers. We called ourselves “Veritas” and “Legatum” under a new aggressive PvP structure. Upon the first siege we took two territories, Media and Balenos. The following weeks after that were all the same as we continued to win most every battle, whether by our enemies fleeing from conflict or directly obliterating them in open field. As the main leadership took its leave for future MMOs, the guild was left to Legacy officers and rebranded “Iconic” which consisted of our core Legacy players as leadership and a large collection of the best on Orwen. It continued to top the ranks across NA as a whole in #1 and #2 overall, among over 900 guilds in NA. Months later, the developers announce Veritas/Iconic as the top guild in the world with the most successful territory victories.

Black Desert Fun Links:

Sample of images from our Black Desert albums.
Full Black Desert Album HERE

^ An entire server alliance against just our guild? (Results from four days later after this video shown below…. RIP)


Legacy Gaming started “Bless Online” under the Veritas name once again, focusing on obtaining server and potential world firsts. At server selection, we challenged all guilds to roll against us on the main “server 1” named Tanara and there we met notable guilds from other MMOs such as Fatality, Manup, FML, Hostile, Predator, and more. What we had hoped would be a competitive environment quickly turned into a near free-farm as Veritas quickly snowballed beyond competitors in every competitive PvP format. Battlegrounds against guilds such as Envy (Enveus Gaming), Fatality, and others like FML ended in Veritas spawn camping, and local tournaments and dueling sessions with in-faction guilds such as Pure Luck, Manup, and Hostile, ended in wins across the board for our top players. While the PvP dulled out, there were a few exciting moments. A well known “super guild” named Predator (Hostile) challenged Veritas to open-world warfare, touting their strategic intelligence and pure numerical advantage under the idea that while Veritas may “pick” on other guilds, Predator could not be touched. Predator had previously overwhelmed “Revelation Online” and had a reputation backing them. On a selected night Predator took to open-world assaulting the Veritas faction capital city, only to be met by Veritas flanks, divisions of Predator forces, and ultimately ending in complete annihilation of Predator raids. Unfortunately that was one of the first and one of the last major PvP events to ever hit the server.

On the PvE-front Veritas ended up getting all of the launch-dungeon first clears on our faction, including dungeons that were supposed to have been “too hard” by the developers for being so early in the game. While we accomplished most of our first kills in the Korean and Russian clients, obtaining first clears with dedicated teams was a proud moment for us, beating even the “popular” PvE progression guilds.

Unfortunately where as every community felt Bless had a much longer potential lifespan, the game fell under 2k concurrent players within a month, and with Rend coming out and offering a more competitive atmosphere, Veritas closed the chapter. Numerous exploits and hacks starting coming out at this time, especially by guilds such as “Pure Luck ” and others. It only served to continue killing the otherwise competitive base. At the time of closing, Veritas remained nearly undefeated in every PvP category, having also achieved the world first level 12 guild. No foreign guild could match us, and our closest competitors on our own faction ended up getting mass-bans weekly for various exploits.

We do not regret playing the game however – all things said. We met tons of great folks, picked up a lot of solid pvpers, and otherwise had a ton of laughs.

Bless Online Fun Links:

Twitch Clips (some may be broken/deleted over time):

Sample of images from our Bless Online albums.
Full Bless Online Album HERE


Rend was a short run for us, but unlike other chapters it is not yet closed (at the time of this writing). The goal in Rend? Play in a 20v20v20 competitive format where zerging is not possible, and nothing but better logistics and skill wins. We got this, albeit temporarily and with many many bugs along the way.

We started on day 1 of Early-Access by challenging and competing against the well-known “alpha team” that had been playing together for over a year. They were a bit cocky and we wanted a good fight coming off the heels of Bless Online. We got that “good fight” but it ended up being short-lived. We ended up raiding their bases (like any good survival game) and pillaged all of their advanced gear and loot. This ended up being the turning point where our organization ended up overcoming their advantages in raw game knowledge.

In the final days, we organized a push to try and become the “first” server at EA launch to reach what is called the “ascension”. With logistics in place, and admittedly a bit of back-breaking slave work we ended up beating all other NA and EU servers at getting the world’s first victory and ascension.

We intend on coming back to Rend once it is in a more polished state. Until then we want to thank the developers for publicly acknowledging us and our achievements. We had a blast and can’t wait for the full release of Rend.

Rend Fun Links:

Twitch Clips (some may be broken/deleted over time):

Sample of images from our Rend album.
Rend Album HERE


Atlas started off for all players as a rough start that would lead into some of the most memorable battles and conflicts found in MMOs during late 2018/early-2019. Legacy started off completely new to the survival scene that was otherwise dominated by larger ARK names. As a neutral party Legacy established themselves first as isolationists, getting to know their closest neighbors only and staying out of the global game politics between major NA alliances and their enemies – the hyper-aggressive Chinese mega-alliance. A month or two into the game, Legacy had built up an empire vassalizing local neighbors and forming a strong bond and alliance with their largest neighbor – the Japanese playerbase known as “SNC”.

These 3 major factions would eventually clash to create some of the biggest battles those in Legacy had ever seen in gaming. Both logistics capability and leadership would be stressed as fights would often run 12 hours or longer, Chinese factions would attack at the opposite prime-times from NA players, and sabotage would be relentless across all venues. While many NA groups stood their ground against the Chinese (known mainly as CSTG and BLDX) Legacy would become famous by not only holding back the invasions, but pushing back at all hours to the Chinese home turfs. It was frequently said that when a group called “BLDX” showed on the western border, that Legacy (known as OwO) would last less than 2 weeks. 2 weeks later, BLDX was offering peace deals as they lost not one grid, but numerous grids and islands to the Legacy counter-attack to their aggression.

Many smaller wars were started and ended during the game-long war against the Chinese. These are some of the biggest ones:

  • Menberry Campaign – Legacy would declare war on and do a complete purge of all residents of “Menberry Island” located in F10. The island housed an alliance with 7 different companies, with the alpha company being called “Tea Party”. All were purged.
  • Brisnear Campaign – Legacy would clear out a major company called “United Few” and their associates in F13 to assist allies in the region who were incapable of holding them back on their own. At surrender, United Few tried to manipulate the terms, leading to the call to completely foundation-wipe them.
  • Easton Campaign – Due to rapid expansion, Legacy needed more land in other biome islands and already had enemies present on the E10 mega-island for themselves and allies. The island was run by a group called “SoV” (Sovereign Gaming) who felt they were far superior initially. 24 hours later they planned a full escape/evacuation with their assets, only to be cut off and lose them to Legacy scouting ships. Their supporters on the island either disbanded (Kingdom of Alesia) or evacuated as Legacy took the land for allies/industry.
  • Stone Eagle Campaign – North of the Easton Island existed a company alliance led by a group called the “Gentlemen”. They remained neutral claiming any attack on them would result in a complete invasion of Legacy, while at the same time performing false-flag attacks on Legacy logistics. Legacy invaded 6 hours later, purging the island within a day.
  • G14 Campaign – One of Legacy’s larger campaigns, G14 was home to the core alliance led by “Northern Coalition” and numerous other aggressive PvP groups. While during the first weeks of Atlas they kept distance from Legacy, they grew more arrogant/vocal to the point eventually they would make a secret alliance to sneak attack Legacy + allies. Upon learning this/presenting it, an offer was made to their allies to leave the NC alliance before an invasion. Within 24 hours later dragons would fly in with our largest fleet to date, completely foundation-wiping Northern Coalition and their associates within a few days. At conclusion the scarred land remaining would be given to the friends there who assisted in logistics of the invasion.
  • Ramraine Campaign – Legacy was in need of more biome assets, this time home to “Salty Seamen” who were notorious pirates. A vassal we took in named “Slaves of Armok” also had a small home here, constantly bullied by the Seamen group. It was a win-win. 24 hours later the island was cleared after a heavy naval artillery bombardment and subsequent land invasion.
  • F12 Purge Campaign – Lawless zones were always home to chinese and in most ways Legacy would ignore the smaller groups. F12 however would be found to be a staging ground for the new BLDX invasion forces that would try to eliminate Legacy from the map. This was discovered and an announcement would be made that a complete wipe of the entire continent and grid would happen. Residents were given 12 hours to move out and a purge of all Chinese happened, leading to ruthless ground fights as zergs fought zergs for building control. Within the next days a famous post would be made by a Chinese group called “Black Butterfly” who hacked the client to mass-spawn whales in the ocean, attempting to sink the Legacy and allied fleet invading their island. Hilarity ensued, but it also showed an early sign of the game coming to a close.

At the conclusion of the campaigns, including the longer BLDX/OoF/Barry Sails campaign, things would settle as Legacy (OwO) would watch enemies quit the game over time. At the very end before servers were shut down, other NA groups would end by calling out Legacy to fight in a naval-superiority FFA before the servers shut down. Legacy ended up winning by a large margin, creating the popular reddit post and videos like one seen below. This was major for Legacy at the time as starting out in Atlas they were nobodies in the survival Ark/Rust scene, and ended up besting the very best the community had to offer.

Some random links, both funny and depictive of our time in Atlas:

Sample of images from our Atlas album.
Atlas Album HERE


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